Best Loyalty Points

The battle then rests on Casino service providers coming up with new means by which they would be able to retain users to themselves. This is why they come up with mouthwatering bonus offers – loyalty points to prevent players from hopping off and switching to another provider.

Alongside other normal bonuses used to lure new and existing users, many online platforms have come up with methods to reward players for their unwavering loyalty. In that regard, an online casino’s loyalty bonus is a bonus type that rewards users for playing consistently on a gambling platform for a long time..

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The best casino loyalty program comes in form of surprises which makes it more exciting as a player is entertained by the surprise of a new bonus and at the same time thrilled of a better chance to get greater wins. Loyalty bonuses provide players with a sense of importance for being regular, than they would as mere customers.


As one would expect, the types of loyalty bonuses differ from casino to casino. Notwithstanding, these are the best casino reward programs available on most casinos.

Calendar Rewards make users feel like they belong in a space. It could be festival points or points given on specific days like birthdays. Or it could be access to weekly or monthly tournaments only opened to regulars.

Cashback Bonuses

CashBack Bonuses on the other hand are the most common of all loyalty bonuses and while they could be given to just anyone, it requires consistency to be useful. On every wager placed, points are given but these points can only be utilized and turned to real-time money when they have piled up.

Tiered Bonuses

Tiered Bonuses are divided into segments or categories to show the various levels. Ranging from silver to gold, and Platinum. To move up the ladder of layered tiers, one simply has to remain consistent and reach the highest possible category.

These loyalty rewards could come in form of casino loyalty points which could be exchanged for prizes having accumulated over some time. Tiered Bonuses are somewhat similar to VIP programs.


Two things. One is that a loyalty program and a VIP program could very much be the same thing. Of course, this depends on the casino in question. The second is that VIP programs could be basic loyalty bonuses given frequently to specific persons under different names.

An online casino VIP program is the combination of the points-based tier system of loyalty rewards and exclusive rewards that cannot be obtained elsewhere. It could or could not include incentives such as a VIP manager, faster transactions, cashback offers, and rewards for anniversaries or major milestones.

The clause however is that to be a VIP user, one has to not only be a frequent user but also spend meaningful money on high wagers to enable them to qualify and reach higher levels. Being a VIP member is not automatic as sign-up bonuses. These rewards could at the same time include free spins, gifts, prize money, or real money.


As established, loyalty bonuses are gotten through casinos rewarding a player for the extended time dedicated to playing on the casino and stretched time loyalty to the casino. The driving force for casinos to give bonuses and loyalty rewards is to cajole regular players to keep coming back ready to play more and stake larger bets.

At the same time, loyal users are bought by these rewards and are compelled to play higher knowing that higher bets, in turn, produce better bonuses than they’ve received. Many of these bonuses already exist in diverse casinos, but they only become available when players meet with the required terms to receive them.

Although it varies from the casino, usually, players do not need to sign up separately to receive loyalty bonuses which could come in the form of a free spin, points which could be traded, or a cashback offer. But at the same time, certain Casinos require special sign up for them. The important thing is players are rewarded accordingly.


Of everything that exists about loyalty bonuses and loyalty programs, some facts cannot be blurred.

  • For a player to get a loyalty bonus, such a player must be regular. This is because casino operators are only willing to reward loyal customers of the operator;
  • Loyalty points are to be swapped or transferred. These points should not pile up unnecessarily. They are to be used to get free spins or purchase items from the casino shop once they accumulate to avoid them rolling away;
  • There are some types that require players to be invited to loyalty schemes;
  • Some are exclusive and may not be easy to find as they have to be earned from rigorously checking through the website. They are unique and are hidden on the sites.


The truth is that most casinos are hushed up about their loyalty bonuses. Perhaps, they expect users to be wowed by the unexpected bonuses. But at the same time, some gambling platforms use their loyalty bonuses and programs as a means to draw players in, and as such, they are more vocal about them.

As little or as high as a loyalty bonus comes, the primary requirement is to be a registered and recognized user of a casino operator. That is, not only is it required for players to register but it is also required that they make deposits and play games or slots. This is aside from the personalized requirements of specific casinos.

The most common way to get the Loyalty Points

The most common way casinos make use of loyalty rewards is the loyalty comp points program where players are rewarded in points. Every real money wager you place is calculated to a specific amount of loyalty points. With a lot of these points, players have easy access to casino shops and can purchase casino credits with points or decide to trade them for items or spins.

There is a different one from this which requires players to be invited to a Loyalty Scheme. Once a player gets invited to join the loyalty club, they are qualified to receive various bonuses that might come up including freebies. This is usually limited to the high rollers.

Are they Important factors to Choosing a gambling platform?
Loyalty rewards are online pokies best rewards. While this is important, it should not blur the important details of casinos. Such as their trustworthiness, the payout speed, and wager requirements.
Should players take online casino bonuses?
Online casino bonuses are a great thing to have especially if a player is decided on playing at that online casino for a while. They add an extra percentage to a play but it is important to watch and read through the terms and conditions before accepting them.
Can I transfer my loyalty points to someone else?
It is not possible to transfer loyalty points between users. This is because specific rewards are given based on the different rates of loyalty between players.

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