No wagering Bonuses

Every player is familiar with several casino incentives. Since you get them almost free of charge, these brands tend to place constraints. Everyone is certainly used to wagering requirements, otherwise known as playthrough.

What if you learn that there is a way to scale through these demands from gambling platforms? You can withdraw your bonus profits immediately after you win them. Read on and learn about the best no wagering bonuses at an online casinos!

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What are wagering requirements?

For the sake of newbies, they may be unaware of these requirements. Another name for them is playthrough. Normally, you cannot cash out your bonus profits immediately if you win. They demand that you continually stake your profits a certain number of times.

However, this online casino no deposit bonus no playthrough number usually varies between several gambling platforms. You will find it within the range of 20x to 100x. Before you claim any incentive from these gambling platforms, you should always check for the playthrough number. Lower numbers translate to faster withdrawing opportunities.

Many individuals disapprove of the idea of these requirements, some deliberately avoid bonuses because of it. This is where we turn to no wagering bonuses.

What are No Wagering Bonuses?

Picture a situation where you claim certain incentives from your no wager casino and you can withdraw it immediately. These are what we term as no wagering bonuses. Gambling platforms offer it to their customers to enable them to withdraw their profits immediately they receive them.

It is arguably the most attractive offer you will find on gambling platforms of today. It comfortably allows anyone to jump that step of playing and falling into the constant loop of winning and losing to get your gains. With this amazing innovation, who wouldn’t say they are the best casino bonuses?

Why Choose No Wagering Bonuses

Some remain in doubt about this amazing incentive. It is understandable because it sounds too good to be true. Here are reasons why you should give it your thought:

  • It cuts out withdrawal delays: The number one issue that gamblers have with such incentives is the delay that follows. No wagering bonuses help you to cut out any form of delay because the moment you win, you can get your cash out. Gone are the days when you had to keep playing to meet a certain threshold. So far your winnings are above the casino’s minimum withdrawal, you are good to go;
  • Less pressure and frustration at your end: Whether you know or not, wagering requirements place a form of pressure on you. If you are playing to meet up with a 30x playthrough and you hit a big win in one of your first few trials, you have to keep playing. Pressure sets in as you don’t want to lose your gains. The frustration sets in when the gains start dwindling from losses;
  • Your gains remain the same all through: The usual playthrough causes fluctuations in your profits and losses as you keep risking your balance repeatedly. With no wagering bonuses, you easily retain all your balance and possibly decide to cash out.

Different Variations of No Wagering Bonuses

No wagering bonus is not a boring one-way ticket that appears the same way in all brands. Depending on your gambling platform, you will get to see different ways that it appears. Here are several variations and what you should know about them:

Free Spins

Free spins no deposit no wager are one of the most common incentives that betting sites reward to their customers. The interesting thing about spins is that it is only applicable to slot games. So it is not one that you can use for games like poker, card games or any other.

Slots usually involve rolling a reel and this is what we term as spins. Ideally, each turn at the real costs coins or real cash directly. However, casinos reward players with free spins to make them take shots on the house.

When playthroughs are present, you will have to keep spinning until you meet the demands irrespective of your wins or losses. It can be frustrating especially if you hit jackpots in the first few trials. However, when it is a no wagering variant, immediately you win, you could take your gains out.

Real Playable Money

This is what most people are familiar with and it isn’t complicated. It applies to games that demand you put your cash on the line directly. Most of them are usually card and table games.

Casinos usually disguise it as match deposit bonuses so when you receive the percentage, you can use it to play such games. Playthrough demands that you have to keep playing multiple rounds till you meet the target.

However, with no playthrough casino bonus, things are easier. When you see such a bonus from a trusted casino, what are you waiting for? It is a golden opportunity to put your skills to the test and fetch some gains for yourself.


Multipliers are not standalone and you will commonly see them categorized under other incentives. It could be multipliers for spins or deposit bonuses, either way, it doubles or triples your wager, depending on the casinos’ specification,

Normally, you are not permitted to withdraw gains from multipliers immediately because they are unusually huge. Gambling platforms don’t want to see players run off with such offers.

No wagering bonuses have changed the game immensely in that aspect. Now we see a couple of multiplier incentives where players are allowed to cash out fast and no need to deposit as a wager. Although it is not so common, it is only a matter of time before new brands start catching up with the trend.

Loyalty Rewards

All aforementioned incentives are for both old and new players. However, loyalty rewards only cover regular customers. Although things are starting to evolve a bit and casinos are getting more lenient, these brands only used to give to old-time players. These were players that managed to catch the attention of their gambling platform by their regular play, big deposits and wins, or great gaming milestones.

They are termed the VIPs and they enjoy a little more in the long run than regular players. Several gambling platforms have their means of rewarding these players. Some use tiers and rankings to increase their gains while others reward them with points that can be used as playable.

These points come in handy for several gaming titles and mostly have requirements attached to them to moderate the gains. It limits how big these players can cash out and no one wants that. No wagering variants of these loyalty points are getting into the industry and we all receive them with open hands

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses work simply. It depends on the platform that you use but they usually offer it for a specific period. It could be a day or a week. How it works is that for the period of the cashback, when you make losses, they return a portion of it to you. Everyone loves it because who doesn’t like recovering from losses.

However, the catch that most platforms place on it is that you cannot withdraw whatever amount they return. They constrain you to continue to bet with it over certain demands. At the end of the day, you can only cash out your gains and not the original cashback.

The no wagering no deposit bonus changes the narrative. Immediately your provider decides to give you a cashback, it is your choice to do whatever you want with no. You could choose to cash out and call it a day or give it one more shot and stake it. Either way, it is your choice, thanks to no wagering bonus.

Refund Bonus

Several players confuse the cashback with the refund bonus. They may seem alike and have similar concepts but they are not the same. In cashback, you get 100% of your losses is not guaranteed but a refund grants you 100% of what you lose.

Refund incentives are like one-off offers. Cashback grants you the offer continuously over a time determined by your provider. In the case of a refund, it is only valid once.

After staking an amount and losing refund grants you back exactly what you lost. It works once, except your provider decides to grant you another one. When this incentive officially started, they never permitted you to withdraw the refunded amount. You have to gamble with it under certain restrictions then the profit is yours.

However, with the introduction of casino bonuses no wagering requirements, you are free to do whatever you want. You could either cash out immediately or try your luck with the games.


This is probably the least incentive that you expect to see no wagering options but it exists! Providers that offer referrals incentives place a lot of constraints on it. The most important is that the person you refer must be an active user, make a deposit, and gamble with the account; it is understandable. Some brands still go further and add playthroughs to the rewards given.

Even after successfully and legitimately referring someone, you still need to meet up with these conditions before you can receive your cash. No wagering variants have broken the barrier and brought your deserved rewards on a platter. You get to choose if you want to stake further with your reward or you want to cash out.


No one can deny how great these no-wagering incentives are to the gambling industry. If you formerly had doubts, we believe everything should be cleared up now. Everyone would love to see more of these incentives introduced to more gambling platforms for both new and old customers.

One thing to note is that you cannot specify the specific variation you want; the casino determines it. It is also important that you don’t dive straight into any no deposit no rules bonus you see from casinos. Endeavor to check their other demands and be comfortable with them. Other requirements could affect your profits. If everything ticks your box, nothing is stopping you from claiming it.

Are no wagering bonuses free?
It depends on the no wagering bonus casino. Some offer free bet no deposit Australia while others could come as cashback or deposit bonuses that demand you put real cash.
Can I use them to win real cash?
Yes, you can win real money with such incentives. You could choose to either cash out your gains or use it for more gambling.
How can I recognize providers that offer such offers?
They don’t hide it from both new and existing customers. If they offer it, they will publicize it in ways that you will find out.
Is it the same as a low wager casino bonus?
No, there are slight differences. As for the low wager incentive, you still have requirements but they are significantly small and easy to meet.

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